The company mainly focuses on transporting goods from Caucasus region to and from Europe. In order to consolidate the goods and offer the best service we use our warehouses, which are located in Germany, Italy and Turkey. Furthermore, the company owns an autopark for trailers, which ensures high quality and quick shipment of cargo

Export to Europe

Own fleets allows us to offer Georgian exporters transportation of cargos from any point in
Caucasia to all European destinations. It is also possible to agree on a fixed fare from Tbilisi
to the warehouse in Germany, which also gives exporters an opportunity to fulfil the FCA

  • Group age shipment(LTL) export
  • Refrigerated (REF) Truck
  • Pre-fixed rate from Tbilisi to Germany warehouse


Collective shipments from Europe

KTL is one of the leaders in Caucasus in transporting collective shipments from Europe.

Local Shipments

You can us KTL fleet for Local shipments

Transportation within Caucasus

Weekly departures of trucks to Azerbaijan and Armenia

Collective shipments from Turkey

KTL Batumi is organazing collective and full truck shipments from Turkey